Long Exposure Toolkit
iPhone app for DSLR photographers
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ND Calculator

A sophisticated and flexible Neutral Density Calculator for Long Exposure photography. Our simple guided process will help you make impressive artistic Long Exposure photos at any time of day, without the guesswork. Its fun, and its easy!

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and lots more!

The app’s other great tools include a Timelapse Calculator, a Light Meter, Stops & EV Calculators, Moon Size & Star Trail Calculators, a Timer, a Torch, a live feed of Long Exposure photos from Flickr, and a library of over 50 hints and tips!


Versatile ND Calculator

Long Exposure Assistant helps you take beautiful artistic Long Exposure photos at any time of day!

A Long Exposure photo can have a shutter speed from a few seconds to many minutes or even hours. They’re traditionally taken at dusk and dawn when the low light allows the camera’s shutter to stay open for longer.

But with one or more Neutral Density filters and the help of Long Exposure Toolkit you can easily take long exposure photos in broad daylight.

Just follow the app’s simple guided process to meter the scene and accurately calculate the camera settings that you’ll need to use with your filters attched.

The sophisticated and versatile controls within the app enable you to easily modify any of your settings (ISO, Aperture or Shutter speed) and retain accurate exposure without having to remove your filters.

Timelapse Calculator

A calculator to help work out all the camera settings you’ll need to create time lapse movies.

You can use it to find the length of a timelapse movie for your intended shooting time and shooting interval.

Or you can work the other way around and find out what shooting time and interval you’ll need to create a movie of a particular length.

It will also tell you how many shots will be required, how much storage space you’ll need on your memory card, and the time compression ration of the final movie!

Tools & Hints & Tips

As well as the Neutral Density and Timelapse calculators the app includes several other tools and resources, including a Light Meter, Stops Calculator, an EV Calculator, a Star Trails Calculator, a Moon Size & Blur Calculator, an Exposure Timer and a dual-action iPhone Torch!

Also included is a flick-through library of 80 valuable hints and tips for helping you get the best results from your Long Exposure photography, and also for using the app.

Live Flickr Feed

For some Long Exposure photography inspiration, the app includes live feeds of photos from the various Long Exposure groups on Flickr.

This will enable you to see how other photographers are making use of Long Exposure techniques, including the range of subjects that make great Long Exposure photos. Moving water and clouds produce extremely effective artistic results and are a great starting point.

Critically this feed also shows (where available) the actual camera settings used for each shot, including ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. This will help you quickly understand the different effects that can be achieved with various settings.